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Telemarketers Acting on behalf of Public Finance Limited

Public Finance Limited may promote its services through telemarketing from our Branch Telemarketers and Non-branch Telemarketers. For the purpose of verifying the identity of the telemarketers, you may refer to the Home> Branch Network >Branch Locations for the contact information of our Branch Telemarketers of respective branches. For our Non-branch Telemarketers, please refer to the following contact information.


Telephone Number 2530 1798
2749 9323
2582 6368
Fax Number 2381 7096
2397 1909
2397 8891
2537 2909
2749 9979
3923 1260
dst(x) (Note 1)


Note 1


(x)=letter from "a" to "k". For example:


For more detailed information, please call our Customer Service Hotline at 2848 1888.